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National Association of Journalist of Ukraine accused of publishing misleading information in Rivne branch of National Public TV company

01.02.2018, 00:10
The producer of Rivne branch of the National Public TV and Radio company of Ukraine Inna Biletska accused National Association of journalists of Ukraine of publishing a misleading information about changes in the branch. She wrote this in her blog at the Rivne website "Chetverta vlada", повідомляє Suspilne movlennia reports. According to her, the Association's website gives information about lay-offs and closing of programs in the branch, which is "90% incorrect". She demands to refute the published information and to publish the list of local Association members. The Association decided to publish Biletska's blog on their website, thus giving her opportunity to correct and refute any information she was concerned about. According to Biletska, the Association's information about lay-offs and closing of programs was mostly incorrect - as she claims, most journalists decided to leave the company voluntarily, with plans to cooperate with the company further as freelancers. Also, she claims that no projects were closed, except the "Crossroad of Truth", which she believes to be stalled due to "lack of production capacities". For the context, official staff headcount of the National Public TV company for April 2, 2018, is planned on the level of 4087 people across Ukraine. In OCtober of 2017, the official headcount of staff (number of jobs) was 7318.25. In December, the staff headcount of the National company was 6900. Until December, the staff of the National Public TV company will be reduced by almost 3 thousand jobs. In each regional branch of the company, the basic staff will at the level of 90-100 people. As board member of the National Company Mykola Chernotytskyi said, part of the staff will still work for the company, but formally will be hired as outside specialists. The company also conducts vacancy fairs to find jobs for their staff members who were caught in the lay-off.
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