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Most of regional media wrote about economy - VoxUkraine/SemanticForce's survey

19.06.2019, 18:38
From December 2018 to May 2019, the regional mass media were covering mostly the economy (32%), and then the crime (21%). The least popular were topics : church (1.25%), joint forces operations (2.11%) and education (2.48%). Such are the conclusions of joint survey made by VoxUkraine and the company SemanticForce, as to "Detector Media" . The authors of such survey said that 452 071 reports have been analyzed (final sample) from 159 regional mass media outlets. "32% (148,892) cover the economy. At the second place, with a significant margin, there are articles on crime (21%), in the third place - the social and politic topics under the category “other” (16.8%) and reports covering the culture (8.58%) and the politics (8.07. According to this survey, among the most sought-after topics on economy there were transport issues (45%), business (19.2%) and budget (9.8%). Less than 1% of articles on the economy dealt with macroeconomic index (0.1%), inflation (0.2%) and currency (0.5%). The topics of churches (1.25%), United Nations (2.11%) and education (2.48%) were covered the least. At the same time, the mostly they wrote about the church in December and January, and the issues of education and joint forces operations are covered more or less equally each month for the past half year. VoxUkraine has selected the regional mass media which actively collaborates with them, in particular within the VoxConnector project, as well as large regional media outlets. In total, 159 regional online media outlets from all regions of Ukraine were analyzed. Through the period of April-May, the experts also interviewed by phone almost 80 media outlets.
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