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More journalists reported as injured in the conflict near the Presidential Administration

09.12.2013, 11:49

On December 1, in Kyiv, on Bankova street Berkut fighters dispersed the crowd under the Presidential Administration and violently attacked protesters, journalists and medics, more than 30 journalists have already reported being injured in the conflict.

Among them was Maks Levin, the news photographer. He was making photos of the events, when one of the smoke grenades that were being thrown by both sides, Berkut and protesters attacking the Presidential Administration, blew up under his feet. His leg was injured, his boots, jeans and camera damaged – the explosion tore off the camera’s battery.  He was treated by ambulance medics on site. Levin advises the protesters to wear helmets, sturdy boots and thick gloves.

The UNIAN news photographer Yevhen Maloletka also was injured there and then. He was attacked by Berkut. When Berkut fighters started to disperse the crowd he tried to escape while making photos of what was happening. He was spotted by one of the Berkut fighters, who ran to him and started to beat him with a truncheon. When the photographer fell on the ground he was kicked in the back, legs, arms and head. As a result, one of his arms is broken and needs surgery. 

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