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Mobilized journalist Vlad Yakushev after his article with criticism published in ZIK was forbidden to give comments to journalists

04.02.2016, 13:26

Head of press service of 14-th separate mechanized brigade under operative command “West”, lieutenant Vlad Yakushev after his publication at website of Information Agency ZIK about the problems with pay-off of the “combat” bonus was transferred from the frontline, and limited his ability to communicate with the military who have such problems, and also forbid him to give any comments to journalist. Yakushev reported this to ZIK today.


The article in question was published on February 1 in the blog of Ukrainian Artmed Forces Vlad Yakushev at website ZIK “One thosand of "combat bonus" and “Kremlin agents”.

Before mobilization in summer of 2015, journalist from Lviv Vladyslav Yakushev was chief editor of magazine "Kryminalne chtyvo.Zakhid" ("Pulp fiction.West"), and published his articles in various media outlets.

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