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Ministry of Internal Affairs: in ATO zone three journalists are still missing

20.08.2014, 22:55

According to the councilor to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Herashchenko, currently, besides the photo journalist of the Russian State Informational Agency «Russia Today» (former RIA Novosti) Andriy Stenin, who went missing in the ATO zone on August 5, there are two more journalists missing. He reported this on a briefing on Wednesday, August 20.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has no information as to Stenin’s whereabouts, neither does the Security Service of Ukraine.

 Two other missing journalists are Serhiy Dolhov (Mariupol), missing since June, and Yuri Lelyavsky (Lviv), missing since July.

 On June 18, in Mariupol (Donetska oblast) six armed and masked men beat and abducted Serhiy Dolhov, the editor-in-chief of the newspapers ‘Vestnik Priazovia’ and ‘Hochu v SSSR’, and took all ‘Vestnik Priazovia’s equipment.  

On July 23, a Lviv journalist from the TV channel ZIK Yuri Lelyavsky was taken prisoner for the second time by the terrorists. He went to Luhanska oblast together with preachers to cover their activites, and got detained. Later it became known that he was held in the basement of the building of Luhansk oblast state administration. 

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