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Ministry of Defense does not dispense press cards for accessing ATO area due to printer malfunction

29.07.2015, 16:18

For about a month, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is not providing press cards to representatives of media outlets accredited for working in the area of ATO (anti-terrorist operation) due to a malfunctioning printer. "Telekrytyka" received this information from producer Volodymyr Tykhyi from the group "Babylon 13" that had a problem obtaining the press cards. Press cards were introduced in the end of December of 2014 as 6-month permits to work in the area of hostilities, granted to journalists accredited with the Security Service of Ukraine. The only two places where they can be received is the Ministry of Defense in the capital and the press center in Kramatorsk. The Ministry of Defense estimates they will be able to grant new press cards only in a week - the printer is already functioning, now they are waiting for consumable materials to arrive.

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