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Mijatovic: "In order to stay safe, journalists should constantly inform about problems in Crimea"

03.02.2017, 14:52

Dunja Mijatovic, representative on freedom of the media at the OSCE, said that publicly informing the world community about the situation in Crimea is the only effective mechanism to protect journalists in the peninsula annexed by Russia. Mijatovic said to Krym.Realii .

"The only mechanism available to us today - to closely monitor the situation and publicly inform about problems. Currently, Mykola Semena case is the main problem in Crimea. There are other cases where journalists are accused of committing a crime, in my opinion, these charges must be removed. The problem in Crimea is obsolete - the lack of media pluralism, lack of different views and voices,"- the representative of the OSCE said.

However, Mijatovic said that journalists' safety must remain the main priority of Ukraine and international organizations.

"For me, as a representative of an international organization is a problem that I can not get into the territory. I try to maintain maximum contact with the Crimean journalists. I met with them in Simferopol in March 2014 and meet them in Kyiv, in Odesa. I hear them out, about their problems and I am trying to help,"- she said.

Since 2014 Russia and authorities in Crimea under Russian control are putting pressure on independent journalists. Russian and Crimean authirities hinder the work of independent media, initiate criminal cases against journalists.
Ukrainian and international human rights organizations have repeatedly requested access to the peninsula for international observers.

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