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Men in camouflage uniforms blocked car with journalists who recorded clash at session of Chyhyryn rayon council

12.02.2015, 18:52

On January 10 in the city of Chyhyryn (Cherkaska oblast), journalists of Cherkasy media outlet «Dzvin» Ihor Sychov and Roman Ipolitov faced obstruction from men wearing camouflage uniforms without chevrons at the session of Chyhyryn rayon council. Later, when the journalists were riding back to Cherkasy, camouflaged men went after their car and blocked it.

As the journalists reported, the issue to be considered at the rayon council's session was a vote of no-confidence for the head of Chyhyryn Rayon Administration. At this time, people led by an entrepreneur in the sphere of agriculture Oleh Ostrovskyi, who says he is a fighter in the volunteer battalion "Aidar" and was the pretender for the position of the head of a rayon administration, broke into the session hall and caused a clash, which was recorded by the journalists. The journalist's camera was snapped from his hands by one of the intruders wearing a neck face mask. Then he returned the camera, because people around started yelling at him for attacking a journalist.

Later, on the way back to Cherkasy, the journalists were blocked by a car, which, according to them, was driven by Ostrovskyi himself. Two men wearing camouflage uniforms went to the blocked car, but the journalists locked themselves inside, started video recording, and managed to get away on reverse.

The journalists plan to file complaint to police and prosecutor's office for threats and assault.

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