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Media owner’ hotel and restaurant building burned down in Lutsk: details

26.07.2017, 12:53
A well-known media owner from Lutsk Volodymyr Pashchenko had his hotel and restaurant «Patio di Fiori» burned on the eve of July 24. Based on the website «»’s information, Volodymyr Pashchenko is affiliated with the website «Volyn24». According to the report of «Volyn24», about 2 a.m. someone threw something, probably, a Molotov cocktail, into a window of the restaurant. This caused explosion and the room went ablaze. Volodymyr Pashchenko wrote in the social network Facebook that «Patio di Fiori» was burned down to warn and intimidate him. Yet, for now he withholds from the comments about who did this. Volodymyr Pashchenko wrote that he would demand punishment for both the perpetrators and those who ordered the arson. «Those who did it (both those who ordered and those who executed this) are potential murderers. Hotel rooms hosted some guests who could have died from the smoke. This should be kept in mind when the perpetrators are found. We will not forget. We are not scared. Though my family business has been destroyed in a show-off night «action», I will not cease my activities, will not step away from the road I've chosen. You messed with the wrong person», he wrote. The wife and co-owner of the hotel and restaurant «Patio di Fiori» Olena Pashchenko in her comment for «Volyn24» said that the arson is related to her husband’s professional activities and civil activism. Also, she thinks that the arson could be related to creation of a new channel her husband has been working on lately – an ambitious project involving an extensive staff of journalists, a new studio and modern approaches to news production. According to her, some influential people do not like this project. The police conducts investigation of the fire in «Patio di Fiori».
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