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Media in Dnepropetrovsk littered with paid-for news in favor of candidate with ties to Pinchuk

24.10.2012, 01:58

Since late September, the television group StarLightMedia and the newspaper Facts have reported numerous paid-for stories in favor of Jacob Bezbakh, a candidate in Dnipropetrovsk’s majority district 24.

Bezbakh is the assistant chairman of the Social Affairs Committee of Interpipe Nizhnedneprovsk Pipe Plant, which is owned by well-known Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pinchuk. According to Ukrainian Truth, Pinchuk has thrown thrown a large amount of money into Bezbakh's campaign, under the assumption that once elected Bezbakh would influence local government on his behalf.
A study conducted by the Institute of Mass Information (IMI) concluded that almost every issue of Facts published in October has been favorable of Bezbakh. And these materials are written in clear violation of the journalistic standards, not clearly labeling or separating facts from opinions.
This was confirmed by a media expert from the association of Common Space and the Committee of Equality and Opportunity, who monitor media outlets. According to the organizations, STB, ICTV and New Channel also paid disproportionate attention to the campaign for that county between Oct. 1 through 6, reporting news favorable to Bezkakh.

Fearful the district race will be unfair, two candidates have withdrawn from the the race in district 24 since the beginning of the month, one from boxer Vitaliy Klitschko's UDAR (Punch!) party and the other from the United Opposition.

Here are examples of "jeansa" recently published in the newspaper Facts:

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