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Mayor of Poltava did not admit journalist for coordination meeting, claiming that his office is "secure facility"

11.12.2015, 15:15

On December 9, the newly elected mayor of Poltava Oleksander Mamay was not admitting journalists for coordination meeting with newly elected members of local city council, reports.

At this coordination, they were supposed to appoint the secretary of the city council.

As the reason for not admitting the journalists to his office, where the meeting was supposed to be held, Mamay said that his office is "secure facility". The new mayor insist that it is his personal choice if he decides to admit journalist to the council.  The journalists were referring to the Law on information, according to which each citizen has a right to be present at election for positions of authority. Mamay was not able to name the law that makes the issue of admitting the journalists to "secure facility" his personal choice. Only after this, he had to admit the journalists to the meeting.


 IMI media lawyer Maksym Ratushnyi comments that modern Ukrainian legislation does not even have a notion of "secure facility". Only some buildings of governmental agencies, for example, the courts, the prosecutor's offices, the Presidential Administration have a high-profile security status, and are protected by the Governmental Security Service.

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