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Mass media transmitting Kremlin’s messages have to be inflicted with sanctions, as to Justice Minister

10.04.2019, 14:55
Pavlo Petrenko, Justice Minister, told they have to apply the Law “On sanctions” in larger sense with purpose to defend Ukraine’s state interests, as to Ukrinform. Petrenko said it asked by Ukrinform correspondent, in Brussels where he is in a outgoing mission of Ukraine legislators. The journalists asked what legal tools could be applied by Ukraine against domestic mass media which were diffusinh narratives of the state aggressor. “From the point of view of the freedom of speech and the principle of protection of independent journalism, there are no admissible restrictions against the press. But Ukraine has the legislation which regulates imposing of sanctions. Ukraine competent bodies had imposed some sanctions against several news resources which practiced, in fact, manipulations, misinformation and had been used by the secret service. (…) I guess we have to progress in this direction”. The Justice Minister added the Security Service of Ukraine, Intelligence Service have to monitor thosenews resources. “If there are exhaustive evidences they are manipulated by respective services of the aggressor state, one should impose these sanctions which we have in conformity to the law on sanctions. A propos, this law, notwithstanding criticism from our eastern neighbor, aggressor state, is efficient”, he said.
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