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Mariupol's website 0629 is under cyberattacks, rf tries to change the logo into the russian flag

18.04.2022, 10:06

Mariupol city website 0629 has been under continuous cyberattacks for the past three weeks. Russian hackers tried to change the website's logo into rf's flag.

The periodical's webside reported this.

According to it, the website is being attacked from tens of countries around the globe, including russia. Not only the Mariupol website, but also other websites of the CitySites network are targeted.

The tech support had had to temporarily block access to the website for users from some countries in order to stop the attacks and stabilize the website's work.

The editorial staff had made the website acessible again on April 14, but at night it was attacked again.

"This time the diversion had to do with the website's logo. It has been deleted together with some other images. The russians tried to change our logo into a russian tricolor! At the moment there is very little information about who did this and how. The tech support team is working on repairs.

We promise: no symbol of Mariupol will disappear. You can not just 'delete it from the page.' Because 0629 is not about pictures and logos. It is about people. And these people will be working and spreading the truth about the city no matter how much trouble that is for our enemy – the russian federation," the periodical writes.

The editorial team encouraged everybody to support them by giving them attention.

We remind that since March 1 Mariupol has been beseiged by russian troops which have ruined it almost completely by air bombing and artillery fire.  The Ukrainian military units are resisting them and trying to hold their ground in the city.

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