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Man who several times reported bombs in TV channel "112 Ukraina"is now in mental health facility

16.01.2016, 13:30

The man who several times falsely reported bombs in the offices of the TV channel "112 Ukraina" and in governmental agencies' offices, is now in mental health hospital, reports.

The man was detained on Christmas eve. He also made calls about bombs to several restaurants and stores, the bombs were never found there. According to the court resolution, the man is now in mental health facility, channel 112 reports. The man admitted he was doing the calls, and says it was just his pranks. He says that he knew that these "jokes" constituted a crime, but thought he could never be caught. Now he can be sentenced to 6 years in prison, or subject to treatment of his mental condition if expertise shows he is a mental case. Kyiv police says that there are about 10 other "jokers" who call with false warnings about explosives. Each verification of such call costs Ukrainian taxpayers about 30 thousand hryvnias.

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