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Man killed in Donetsk confrontation was press secretary of 'Svoboda' Party and blogger for "Novosti Donbasa"

16.03.2014, 00:07

Dmytro Cherniavsky, 22, who was killed tonight in Donetsk, was a press secretary for  the local branch of the 'Svoboda' Party and a blogger for the online media outlet "Novosti Donbasa." This was reported by the "Novosti Donbasa” editor-in-chief Oleksiy Matsuka.

Dmytro died in the ambulance after he sustained a knife would near a subclavian artery when he was attacкed by pro-Russian activists (according to some data — Russian nationals) in Donetsk.

Now local dwellers are bringing flowers to the place of the murder. 

For the context: on March 13 in Donetsk a rally in support of Ukraine's unity was held. After it was over, its participants who were still there were attacked by Russia's supporters, who shouted “Berkut!” and “On Your Knees”, were beating, kicking and stabbing them with their knives.  

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