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Macron proposed to establish agency to protect European democracies from cyber attacks and malpractice

06.03.2019, 16:51
"Among Macron’s proposals was the establishment of an agency to protect European democracies, providing experts to help states deal with possible cyber attacks aimed at undermining the European elections", as The Financial Times wrote. "The Macron initiative — less than a month before the UK’s planned exit from the EU and three months before the European elections — is designed to present a liberal, pro-EU agenda to counter the rising power and popularity of nationalists in the UK, Italy, eastern Europe and elsewhere", as to The Financial Times. French president said the experts of this agency have to protect election inside EU from hacker attacks and attempts to manipulate election, as to Deutsche Welle. He added they must ban using abroad funds for European political parties. “We are at a decisive moment for our continent,” Macron told. “A moment where, collectively we should reinvent — politically and culturally — the shape of our civilisation in a world that is being transformed. It is time for the European renaissance.” To remind, on May 23-26, the election to the European Parliament is to be held.
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