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Lviv city council fails to respond the journalist's request about garbage for a month already

15.09.2017, 15:58
Lviv city council did not answer the information request concerning the garbage from the journalist of media outlet Natalia Miniaylo, which she sent on August 16. The request was registered, but it remains unanswered, “Dostup do pravdy” reports. “The request was registered on August 17 under number 2-21423-001. I called sending the request. Then, I was on vacation for some time. I started working again on September 8. But there was still no answer to my request. Since then, I called every day. They complained that they have many requests to process, and many answers are hard to give. They promise to process my request this week, but it is still not done”, Natalia Miniaylo said. In her request, the journalist asked about the tariffs for garbage collection, amounts paid for it to the companies that provide this services, and the garbage processing facility details (location of construction, cost, sources of financing).
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