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"LPR" terrorists detained Russian journalist Victoria Ivleva for several hours

19.03.2015, 22:35

On March 17, the photographer and author for the Russian newspaper “Novaia Gazeta” Victoria Ivleva was detained by “LPR” terrorists for several hours at a check point near an entrance to the village of Stanytsia Luhanska, Luhanska oblast. Later they released her but took her documents, money, and equipment. This was reported by “Novaia Gazeta.”

Victoria was detainted at the checkpoint when she was accompanying a bus with refugees from the self-proclaimed “LPR”, which were fleeing to the peaceful territory of Ukraine. There were about 45-46 persons, mostly women with children and old people.

Ivleva was taken to the building of the local administration and was kept there for four hours. The separatists forced the bus with the refugees to return to the territory of LPR.

They took away all of Victoria’s money and documents, as well as the phone, notebooks she had on her and the list of people who wanted to leave LPR.  The youngest person in the list was a two-month old.

Victoria Ivleva has been working as a volunteer in the conflict zone for several months already.

She is helping the people who have no money for local public transportation to leave the territory of LPR. 

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