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Local newspaper in Chernihiv region had its office smashed after the Independence Day

04.09.2017, 14:56
On August 25, journalist of the editorial office of newspaper “Promin” (city of Snovsk, Chernihivska oblast) found their office smashed. “It was like “the end of the days”: windows broken, glass everywhere, bloodied napkins, pieces of broken vodka bottles and other glass, broken plastic dishes”, the editorial office reports. As local media report, in Snovsk the office of "Promin" has been smashed on several occasions. Usually what gets broken is windows and walls. One of the version is the culprits are local drug addicts, who do this to avenge the newspaper for several publications regarding illegal circulation of drugs in the town. Another version it was some drunk youths that was intoxicated due to the celebration of Independence Day. Criminal proceeding was started, as police informed the IMI representative in Chernihivska oblast - based on article 347-1 of the Criminal code (intentional destruction or damaging of property that belongs to journalist, his relatives or family members, related to the journalist's lawful professional activities).
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