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File a complaint published its editorial code

10.11.2020, 15:48

The information site, which is part of Ligamedia, has published its editorial code. The current version as of November 1st of the code is available here.

The editorial code is supposed to cover: mission, values ​​and objectives of the site, principles, rules and standards. 

The code consists of six sections:

1.Independence (top management and sales department of adhere to the principle of non-interference in editorial policy; politically neutral publication; avoids and minimizes conflicts of interest).

2.Objectivity and credibility (credibility is the main editorial value and the foundation of's reputation).

3.Information work (the editorial office considers plagiarism and theft of information unacceptable).

4.Ethics and teamwork (to remain a journalist; not to confuse activism with journalism; to remain an empathetic and decent person; social networks and journalism; media activity).

5.Content (all editorial content of must comply with the mission of Ligamedia - to provide reliable information).

6.Rules for writing appelations, numbers, names.

In the code, the editorial board stated that they do not accept jeansa in any form.

"A journalist or editor caught or reasonably suspected of producing commissioned material will be fired," the code said.

The editorial office also emphasizes that there are no unmarked advertisements on the site. "The reader must understand where the editorial content is and where the advertising is," the code states.

In addition, the company protects its employees by legal means incase of pressure or threats.

The editorial code was signed by Dmytro Bondarenko, General Director and Co-Owner of Ligamedia (Ligabusinessinform LLC), Natalia Koteneva, Chief Operating Officer of Ligamedia, Borys Davydenko, Editor-in-Chief of, and editors who monitor compliance with the editorial code by journalists: Andriy Shuklyov, Dmitry Fionik.

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