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LifeNews filming crew obstructed journalists of Channel 5

17.01.2015, 15:23

On January 16, in Kyiv the filming crew of the Russian TV channel LifeNews was obstructing the filming crew of Channel 5 during a live standup near the Office of the Prosecutor General. This was reported to IMI by Channel 5 journalist  Azad Safarov.

The incident took place during the rally for dismissal of the Prosecutor General Vitaliy Yarema.

According to Safarov, he saw one of the rally participants give an interview to LifeNews and told her that it was a propaganda channel, so the woman demanded that they erased the recording with her. So, and the Russian journalists took offence and started to meddle with his work. He also pointed out that LifeNews journalists were working on site with no identifications. The Russian journalists approached Safarov and started loudly accusing him and Channel 5 of lying. This was happening minutes before him going live. Safarov asked a police officer to interfere but he refused and said that journalists should settle their quarrels between themselves. When Safarov went live the Russian journalists continued shouting but the police did nothing so the rally participants started to ask them why they would interfere with Channel 5’s work. The Russian journalists said that Safarov was harassing them and tried to provoke the rally participants. Then Safarov stopped following the turn of events as he went live.

 In their turn, the LifeNews journalist Zhanna Karpenko and her camera operator Aleksanda Ulianova,  reported that a group of about 20 rally participants took away their equipment – the video camera and the radio microphone and smashed it. They filed a complaint to the police.

For the context, their accreditation to work in Ukraine expired last year. 

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