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Less than 3% Ukrainians trust Russian media. Ukrainian mass media are more trusted in the Western region

02.02.2017, 15:48

The most trustworthy institutions for the Ukrainians are the church, volunteers and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The least trustworthy are the government of Ukraine, Russian mass-media and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (these institutions` trust rate among the population is less than 10%).Kyiv International Institute of Sociology presented results of its own public opinion poll “Omnibus”, they conducted in a period from 2nd to 12th of December, 2016, according to "Media Detector."

Only 26.1% Ukrainians trust Ukrainian media, those who do not trust - 43.3%. Only 2.4% citizens of Ukraine trust Russian media, and 76,3% of ukrainians do not trust Russian mass media.

Ukrainian media have positive trust-mistrust balance only in the West. The national media is trusted by 39.5%, those who do not trust - 28.8%.

24.9% of respondents from the Central regions trust Ukrainian media and 33.6% - don't trust; 21.9% of citizens from the South regions trust national media, distrust - 59.6%.

68,2% of population in the East of Ukraine does not trust Ukrainian mass media, comparing to 10% who trust.

The survey was conducted in 110 settlements (PSU) in all regions of Ukraine, except for the AR of Crimea, with the use of the stochastic sample that is representative of the population of Ukraine aged 18 and above. The sample consisted of 2040 respondents who were interviewed. In Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts (regions) survey was conducted only in the territories controlled by Ukraine. In this case, the sample was distributed on the controlled part of Donbas in the proportion that was registered in CEC for Donbas voters in the last parliamentary elections (October 2014).

Statistical sample error (with the probability 0.95 and design effect of 1.5) does not exceed:

3.3% for indicators close to 50%, 2.8% — for indicators close to 25%, 2.0% — for indicators close to 10%, 1.4% — for indicators close to 5%.



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