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Language law comes to force in Ukraine - UNIAN

16.07.2019, 14:03
On July 16, the law on the state language came into force in Ukraine, two months after the legislation was published in the official press. No restrictions apply to the sphere of private communication and religion. The law stipulates that every citizen of Ukraine is obliged to speak the state language as the language of their citizenship. At the same time, the state shall set up Ukrainian language courses for adults and provides an opportunity to freely master the state language to citizens of Ukraine who have not had such an opportunity. According to the law, a person who intends to acquire Ukrainian citizenship shall be obliged to confirm the appropriate level of state language proficiency. At the same time, a special regulator will start verifying such proficiency two years after the law enters into force. Passing tests in Ukrainian to obtain citizenship will also become obligatory in 2 years. The law identifies persons who are required to be in command of the state language and apply it in office. Among them, in particular, is the leadership of the state, people's deputies, judges, prosecutors, employees of the National Bank of Ukraine, contracted officers, teachers, and doctors at state and municipal healthcare facilities, as UNIAN reported. The law provides for the appointment of an authorized representative for protection of the state language. The language of instruction in educational facilities shall be the state language. At the same time, national minorities are guaranteed the right to study in municipal pre-school and primary educational facilities in the language of their native language, along with the state language. This right is realized through setting up certain classes (groups). The language of TV and radio broadcasting in Ukraine shall be the state language. Printed media may be published in languages ​​other than the state language, provided that at the same time with the corresponding edition in a foreign language the one in the official language is also published. All language versions shall be published under the same name, correspond to each other in content, volume and method of printing, and be published in one day. The language of customer service in Ukraine shall be the state language. At the request of the client, personal services may also be provided in another language acceptable to the parties. As UNIAN reported earlier, on May 15, the-then President Petro Poroshenko signed the law "On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language." UNIAN
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