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"La Voix du Nord" and "Le Télégramme" refused to interview Macron, because of re-reading and collectivity - Le Monde

22.05.2019, 18:03
Photo credits: Qjim The daily of the North did not accept the rereading of the interview of the president, who granted on Monday an interview to the regional press, as to Le Monde. The regional press is rebelling. Two regional dailies, La Voix du Nord and Le Télégramme refused to take part, Monday, May 20, in a collective interview of the President Emmanuel Macron. The latter, more and more engaged in the campaign of the European elections, had negotiated this interview dedicated to Europe with the Union of the regional daily press, which gathered about fifty titles, such as Le Dauphiné libéré, Ouest-France, Le Parisien, Sud Ouest, Le Télégramme and a dozen press groups. The journalists, who went to the Elysée Palace on Monday, have scheduled to publish their articles, for some, from Monday evening on their website, otherwise Tuesday, in print editions. In a Tweet, the editor of La Voix du Nord , Patrick Jankielewicz, said that "five days before the vote, it would disrupt the balance of coverage of the campaign that we try to watch over." "And the publication is submitted to the preliminary re-reading of the Elysée. So it's without us, " he added. In the entourage of Emmanuel Macron, they said to "respect the editorial choice" of La Voix du Nord not to participate in the interviewing with the head of state. "The newspaper invokes a principle of equity, we understand it," said a source close to the head of state. (…) "It was not a requirement, but a preference, assured a member of the presidential entourage . The other eight daily regional press groups accepted the principle of a rereading, but if we had been told no, the interview would still have taken place. " La Voix du Nord refused rereading of the text by the Elysée. In January 2018, Mr. Jankielewicz explained in an editorial his decision not to submit interviews for re-reading, a practice which is usual. At the time, Mr. Macron, who was on a mission in the region, refused to be interviewed by the newspaper. As to Le Telegramme, this is the very principle of the collective interview, granted on the eve of the European elections, while the rest of the year, the Elysée was ignoring the regional press, which disturbed. "What is the hybrid status of these collective interviews that some publish in integrity, while others pick out some extracts with sometimes problems of interpretation of what has been said ... or not," said Hubert Coudurier, news director for Le Telegramme. So, ze ttok decision to decline "the convocation" of the Head of State.
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