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Kyseliov’s journalists were expelled from Ukraine for lying about Transcarpathians

22.05.2014, 18:47

The filming crew from Russia, which was filming news stories in Transcarpathia for Dmitri Kiseliov’s program, was expelled from Ukraine. As local dwellers said, these correspondents introduced themselves as employees of a Finnish company and asked questions about the life of the local Hungarian community and about the Rusyn movement. The questions were so provocative that people informed the Security Service of Ukraine. According to the news story the filming crew produced, Hungarians are being severely oppressed in Ukraine, they fear for their lives and want to separate from Ukraine.

Soon the crew was detaind by the Ukrainian police, who checked their footage, in which none of twenty interviewed local Hungarians confirmed any pressure or discrimination against them. The Security Service also tapped into the crew’s phone conversations and found out that they were instructed not by the TV channel, but by the Russian Federation’s Federal Security Service. Immediately after the interrogation, the crew was expelled from Ukraine.

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