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Kyiv journalists spoke most against gender policies in newsrooms– IMI poll

04.03.2021, 15:56

Kyiv journalists were the most opposed to gender policies in the editorial offices : 33%. These are the results of an anonymous targeted survey of media professionals, which was conducted by the NGO The "Institute of Mass Information" on February 15-24, 2021 *.

Journalists from the southern regions were the most loyal to the introduction of gender policies (42%).  

At the same time, Kyiv journalists support the most the gender balance in journalistic materials (56% of them believe that the media should adhere to it). And the gender issue is the least important for journalists from the central and eastern regions of Ukraine (39% support this idea) **.

33% of interrogated media professionals confirmed their newsrooms had gender policy. Another 25% of respondents indicated that they would like such a policy to be introduced in their media. On average, 14% of media persosn said that their newsrooms did not need gender policies.

* The survey was conducted using an anonymous online survey using an interactive structured questionnaire, a link to which was sent to potential respondents - journalists and editors. A total of 251 responses were received from the media. 88% were respondents from all regions of Ukraine, 12% were from the city of Kyiv. 73% were women, 26% were men and 1% were of other sex. The study was conducted during February 15-24, 2021. 

** The sum of the answers is not equal to 100%, because the respondents could choose several answers.

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