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Kyiv City state Administration twice concealed from "Nashi Hroshi" information about investigation on illegal outside advertisement

21.08.2015, 23:22

The head of the bureau of Kyiv City State Administration Volodymyr Bondarenko ignored the two consequent requests of the online media outlet “Nashi Hroshi” ("Our Money") related to information on results of the in-house investigation on illegal street advertisement in Kyiv. The website of "Nashi Hroshi" informs about this. The investigation in question is related to permits for street advertisement; it is conducted based on the assignment and recommendations of Anti-Corruption Council under Kyiv city mayor, issued on July 15. The mayor then mentioned that most permits (70%) are held by just several companies. The mayor ordered to investigate the relevant department as to the reasons of such monopoly. The in-house investigation was supposed to be finished on August 7, yet "Nashi Hroshi" failed to receive any answers from the officials as to what that investigation has uncovered. 

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