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Kherson police official demands 10 thousand euros from journalist

29.01.2013, 12:59
 Volodymyr Martynenko, head of the Dniprovskiy District Police Department, brought a suit at 100 000 hryvnias [~10 thousand euro] of moral damage against Taras Buzak, editor of Kersonska Pravda Internet-edition, over the news “Somebody was shooting yesterday at the corner of Perekopska and Chornomorska streets”, which was published on 19 November 2012. Buzak said in his comments to IMI.

According to him, in the suit, which was brought on November 29, 2012, Martynenko demands to refute the news.

Neither officer Martynenko, nor the Dniprovskiy district police department are mentioned in the news. However, Martynenko argues, that the territory, mentioned in the news, is guarded by his police department, and thus the journalist damaged the reputation of the whole department.

The journalist does not understand why they brought a news against him, as he writes rather about politics, and very rarely writes about law-enforcement bodies. According to Buzak, the first sitting on the case already took place on January 16, 2013, but he does not know the outcome, as he did not receive the summons to court in time.

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