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Kharkiv journalists complain municipal service providers ignore their information requests

20.09.2015, 20:43

Municipal service providers of Kharkiv never respond to information requests from mass media outlets. The investigation journalist Maryna Nikolayeva told about this at the public control seminar, as our regional IMI correspondent informed.

The civil activist, co-founder of the anti-corruption center Dmytro Bulakh confirmed Nikolayeva's words.

“It is quite difficult to obtain information from Kharkiv utilities service providers. Rarely do they respond, and even when they do, the replies are not to the point”, Maryna said.

Local journalists complain about regular problems with obtaining information from local authorities and their executive bodies’ attitude to information requests.

For example, the IMI regional representative was requested to pay for unnecessary dozens of pages of information, and only consultations of the media lawyers from the Media and Law and IMI helped him get the required information legally, without paying for it. Often, state-owned organizations accept only requests on an official form, with a seal.

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