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Kateryna Handziuk suspected attack and received threats, farther says -

12.03.2019, 17:56
Photo credits: Kateryna Handziuk received constant threats and suspected that in the near future she might be attacked. Censor.NET reports citing Ukrainska Pravda. "Perhaps Petro Poroshenko is afraid to carry them (Manher, Hordieiev, and Ryshchuk - Ed.) before justice, because he thinks it can worsen his rating. Although perhaps if he had done it - on the contrary, he would have raised it. So it turned out that these people belong to different parties, but the general idea of ​​profit, their corruption has joined them into a common local force, regardless of party affiliation. I understand that some kind of indulgence is given to people who may contribute to the results of the elections. To a certain extent you can do whatever you want, but provide us with a victory," said father of the murdered Kherson activist. "I spent three months with Kateryna, and these three surnames sounded all the time - Manher, Hordieiev, and Ryshchuk. They did their business together, had a rest together, ate, drank, went to restaurants, saunas, and some of them said that they needed to kill her, others agreed. There is no doubt they know everything," he added. He also said that Kateryna had been constantly threatened before the attack, and she suspected that she might be attacked in the near future. Read more: Electronic tag removed and foreign passport returned to Kherson official suspected of ordering Handziuk assassination – lawyer "It seems to me that the whole story started when she left the Batkivshchyna party. Recently I found a statement in her documents and published it on Facebook. Katia worked for the Batkivshchyna party and had a good political school there. She came out when Yuliia Tymoshenko sold the party in Kherson to Manher. At that time their confrontation started. Later she and Nikitenko (Serhii Nikitenko - a Kherson journalist and activist, friend of Kateryna Handziuk. - Ed.) shot the film "Who are you Mr Manher?". He (Manher. - Ed.) went to court, and the court banned to broadcast it, then lifted the ban, then it forbade them to call Manher a corrupt official and allowed doing it again. By the way, one of the last cases had been won just a few days before Katia was attacked. Manher lost it," said Viktor Handziuk. Kherson City Council executive officer, Kateryna Handziuk who tried to deal with local separatists and harshly criticized the authorities, namely the law enforcement officials, was doused with acid in Kherson early on July 31. Aug. 2, she was urgently taken from Kherson to Kyiv by an air ambulance. Aug. 3, the police detained a person suspected of perpetrating attack on the activist. Nov. 4, Handziuk reportedly died of a blood clot in a Kyiv-based hospital after long treatment. Source:
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