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Kaskiv's state agency accused Kommersant of distorting interview

06.02.2013, 02:57
 The State Agency for Investments and National Projects states that Kommersant-Ukraine web-site and its printed version #17 of February 5, 2013, published inadequate interview of agency head Vladislav Kaskiv, according to the agency's website.

"The text of the interview includes far-fetched and distorted information that does not match the authentic text. The text also mentions proper names of companies, including the company "Gazprom", which did sound in that interview, "- said the agency.

The agency notes that the text of the interview was published in violation of paragraph 3 Article 13 of the Law "On Copyright and Related Rights", which established that the publication of recorded interviews is allowed only with the consent of the person who gave the interview, and is the co-author, in line with the law. Paragraph 4 Part 1 of Article 14 of the Law stipulates that the author owns rights such as to require the integrity of the work and to object to any distortion, mutilation or other modification of the work or any other encroachment on work that could harm the honor and reputation of the author.

The agency requires immediately refute the information posted on the electronic and print resources, and appeals to the media that made reprints with the request to make the appropriate specification.

At the same time, according to  "Telekritika",  “Gazprom” name  is absent in direct quotes of Kaskiv in the interview, published on the website, and it is mentioned in the editorial notes. However, the word "Gazprom" is present in quotes of Kaskiv in the printed version.

The edition corrected the interview on the web-site after persistent calls with the State Agency in the morning, Vyacheslav Sadovnichy, the editor of Economy and Finance with "Kommersant", said on his Facebook.

The author of the interview, Igor Burdyha, said to Ukrayinska Pravda that the word "Gazprom" in the text really did not sound, but twice in different paragraphs there was mentioned a "gas monopoly" and the "Russian monopolist" ("Gazprom" - the only gas monopoly in Russia ).

"Yesterday (February 4 - Ed.) we sent, at 18:35, the text of the interview to their press secretary, but we did not receive any answer to 22.00, by the end of the day. When recording the interview, spokeswoman Oksana Voronkova requested to send her the interview, to read before its publication, but she did not said that it was subject to approval "- the author said.

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