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Karlivka City Counci initiates admission procedure

09.01.2017, 11:33

In Karlivka City Council (Poltava region) initiated the admission procedure - visitors have to show pass and passport. Oleksandr Nakonechny, the mayor of Karlivka signed the resolution "On approval of Instructions to control access to Karlivka City Council administrative premises" on Dec.16. IMI representative in Poltava region reports.

This order came into force on the 1st of January 2017. Throughput system implemented to ensure the safety and protection of information; prevent the entry into office space, protect area of the city council from strangers; maintain entering order(passing), import (export) of property and entrance (exit) of employees and visitors.

IMI representative noted that now there is no way to enter the city council without warning for journalists. "Accredited media representatives, independent journalists and media professionals have the right to attend Karlivka City Council during plenary sessions, meetings of the standing committees, the Executive Committee of the City Council and other working organs, or when they were invited to the activities carried out specifically for the media. Media representatives will receive information about organized events from a leading specialist from Department of socio-economic and strategic development of the city and on the official website of the City Council,"- this is written in the instructions.

The representative of IMI in Poltava told that not all city councils of region has admission procedure. Some of them are optional and can be implemented by the decision of local authorities, if necessary. For example, the Lubny city council has no admission procedure, workers of mayor reception told. At the mayors' receptions of Kremenchuh and Myrgorod, the journalist was told the same. The Horishni Plavni city council has the admission procedure, though there is no pass use, mayor's reception told. Poltava city council doesn't have admission procedure too.

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