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Judge puts journalist out of door during trial

26.12.2016, 15:28

December 22, the head of Babushkinsky district court Ihor Lytvnenko restricted journalist of "Pershy Kryvorizskyi" Oleh Yermolynsky in access to a session hall. The journalists told about an accident to the IMI representative in Dnipropetrovsk region.

According to the journalist, the court heard a case of suspects from Kryvyi Rih in committing a crime under Article 189 of the Criminal Code (extortion). The court had to chose preventive measures for suspects.

Oleh Yermolynsky addressed judge with a request to film court decision.
"Lytvynenko started to asct out of line. When I asked him why does he act like this, he said that he is older and that is why he can. He didn't accept my request and forced to leave the session hall. Since I was interested in only the decision, and not the whole process, I left,"- Oleh Yermolynsky told IMI representative.

When the judge returned from a jury room with the announcement, Yermolynsky tried to enter the courtroom folowing Lytvynenko, however the judge closed doors with key in front of the journalist.
"He did not consider my request. The judge unreasonably restricted my access to the session hall. After sitting, I asked Lytvynenko, how often does he violate the rights of journalists and why does he do it. He didn't say anything, but he was grabbing my camera and pushing me, then he asked a court guard to withdraw me from the court. To my question whether he understands that he commits a criminal offense, he replied "yes." I have a record and we show the video soon," journalist said.

Oleh Yermolynsky wrote a statement to the Shevchenko district police department in Dnipro city, about obstruction of his professional activity.

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