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Journalists were not allowed to police housing commission meeting

16.12.2016, 11:57

In Lutsk on Dec.1, journalist of "Hromadske radio" Iryna Musiy and journalist of "Hromadske.Volyn" Mariya Domanska were not allowed to police house committee meeting in Volyn region. The main topic of the meeting was an issue of granting apartment to police officers. Iryna Musiy wrote it on her blog at "Hromadske.Volyn" website.

The Head of the Chief Administration of National Police in Volyn region Petro Shpyha explained that members of the meeting voted for conducting a close meeting. He added that information on results of the meeting can be obtained by request.

In addition, Musiy wrote that MP Ihor Lapinin called Mariya Domanska on that day. He found out about journalists' visit and Domanska considers his call as a pressure.  

"He called me and talked about our visit with to the meeting of housing commission. I don't know how he find out about it. He asked me, so that neither Iryna or I made a fuss about commission meeting. He said that we can get all needed information by request. Lapinin accused me in working on someone's order,"- Mariya Domanska told this in comments.

Igor Lapin denies calling Mariya as a journalist, and explained that it was just a friendly call. "I was calling the friend of  Mariya Domanska, not to her. I didn't commit any pressure and there is nothing else I can comment. If you want, I will publish a conversation. But I am not sure whether I should do it."- Musiy quoted the deputy.

Musiy sent request to regional CANP questioning reasons of formation commission and why journalist were not allowed to visit it. Police, in its answer, told that regional police office is "a secure area with special regime for access and staying." In letter they noted that Commission meeting was closed because there were personal data of police officers.

Media lawyer of Regional Press Development Institute Oleksandr Burmagin said that journalists have the right to freely visit the premises of government agencies, outdoor activities they carried out, except in cases determined by law.

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