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Journalists of ZIK were not allowed to court hearing on illegal schemes of amber mining

23.07.2015, 03:44

In Sarnensky rayon court, Rivnenska oblast, a police sergeant would not let the filming crew of the TV channel ZIK consisting of journalist Anna Makhno and camera operator Bohdan Riabunets enter the session hall, where the hearing of the case on illegal schemes of amber mining was held. This was reported on the TV channel’s website.

According to the journalist, this was done under the instructions of Judge Ihor Dovhy. After the journalist argued with the officer for 15 minutes, the judge appeared and when asked by Anna whether it was indeed his instruction not to let journalists to the hearing told her that her questions were provocative and asked what she wanted. After the journalist’s explanation, the judge allowed the filming  crew to attend the hearing.  

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