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Journalists of "Inter" chased by unidentified men when filming story about illegal amber mining

17.06.2015, 18:02

In Zhytomyrska oblast, the filming crew of the daily news program "Podrobytsi" of the TV channel “Inter” were chased by unidentified men wearing camouflage uniforms, the program’s website informs.

As the channel remarks, the conflict took place during filming in the village of Shebedykha, where illegal mining of amber is conducted.

"Four men, one of whom was wearing a mask and camouflage, approached us and insisted we come with them. The masked one told us someone wants to talk to us," said the "Podrobytsi" journalist Olena Mitiasova.

The filming crew did not agree to come with these people, and tried to leave the area, but their car was chased by a white van. The van took them over and cut them off, but the journalists managed to call police. Police arrived to the scene, and the chasers left. 

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