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Journalists of Channel 112, who were captured by LPR gunmen, have returned to Kyiv via Rostov

06.09.2014, 00:25

The journalist of the channel «112 Ukraina» Hanna Ivanchenko and camera operator Nazar  Zotsenko, who have been held captive for two and a half weeks by the gunmen of the terrorist organization «Luhanks People’s Republic», have returned to Kyiv. This was reported by the channel «112 Ukraina».

The journalists returned to Ukraine via Rostov-on-Don (Russia). They could not go across the front line, so they decided to go to Rostovska oblast and from there to return home.

According to Ivanchenko, for the entire time of their captivity they were held in a military compound of the self-proclaimed Donbas Home Guard. The gunmen did not beat or torture them, but did exert moral pressure on them.

They were rescued by the journalists of the Russian TV channel LifeNews, who managed to do so on the second try. They were finally released on September 3.

The fate of Kharkiv journalist Roman Cheremsky, who was captured by LPR gunmen together with Zotsenko and Ivanchenko in Rovenky, is still unknown. Last time he contacted his family on August 17.  

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