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Journalists in Poltava region demand police and authorities to investigate their cases

24.01.2019, 15:28
In Pyryatin (Poltava region) the journalists signed a common inquiry letter addressed to the police and authorities asking to ensure an impartial investigation of the cases related to violations of their professional rights, as IMI correspondent in Poltava region told. “We appeal the law enforcement bodies to activate the process of fighting with impunity and to renew the active functioning of several respective groups which serve efficient agents controlling the state of investigation. We remind, the authorities in a democratic and European state has to make efforts systematically to ensure safety of its journalists and the right of its citizens to get information”. The journalist community considers the police is dragging out the investigation within the case of obstruction to journalistic activity of their colleagues from the TV and radion company Pyryatin and newspaper “Svizhy apelsyn” by some militaries from the unit A1499. We are unaware whether the police had interrogated the eye-witnesses and suspects. We urge an impartial investigation, punichment for guilties and not allowning another incidents of a sort”. The letter is signed by 11 journalists. IMI had informed in November 2018 Vadym Kyrychenko (“Svizhyy apelsyn”), and Alyona Gulenko (TV and radio company Pyryatin) complained they were impeded to fulfill their professional activity and filed a complaint to the police.
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