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Activists and journalists demand to save newspapers

22.12.2016, 17:24

Activists and journalists of "Krymska svitlytsia", "Ukrainsky teatr" and "Pam'yatky Ukrainy" conducted a rally, under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, against closure of its publishing offices. "Media Detector" reports it, according to activist Serhiy Mokreniuk.

According to Mokreniuk, Ukrainian journalists oppose Yevhen Nyshchuk's, the Minister of Culture of Ukraine, attempts to close "Krymska svitlytsia", "Ukrainsky teatr" and "Pam'yatky Ukrainy" news papers.

Nyshchuk himself came and talked to activists. "Mr. Yevhen came to us and assured in his support of publishing editions and "Krymska svitlytsia" also(pledged office space). He suggested to meet tomorrow at 3:00 p.m.," -  Mokreniuk wrote on Facebook.

The first issue of a renewed nationwide socio-political literary newspaper "Krymska svitlytsia" in Ukrainian was released in July. The newspaper had been publishing in Crimea before Russia occupied peninsula. Philologist Victor Merzhvynsky, from Simferopol, won the competition for the editor in chief position. He was recently discharged from the ATO zone and soon he will get into office.

The new edition team is fully formed from Crimean residents. The newspaper comes out weekly,covering thousand copies.

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