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Journalists couldn't film on the sidewalk near the shopping center in Khmelnytskyi

07.12.2016, 15:49

Journalist Svitlana Rusin and operator Andrew Lazaruk  from "Podillya-center" TV channel in Khmelnytskyi guards of the shopping center forbid to shoot on the sidewalk near it. This Svitlana Rusina informed IMI representative in Khmelnitskyi region. The incident occurred on Dec.1, journalists filmed the video for the story about parking problems on the Vaisera str., near the "Kvartal"  shopping center.

"We shot from the side of the "Kvartal" what happened across the street. However, three men in uniform and one in civilian clothes came from the shopping center to us and demanded to stop shooting because we, supposedly, are on a private land, "- said Svitlana Rusina.

According to the journalist, guards from the shopping center did not apply physical force, however, they behaved familiarly. In order not to provoke them into more aggressive action, journalists decided to continue work on the other side of the street. Svitlana Rusina explained that there have already been precedents in Khmelnytskyi, of the broken expensive equipment, when the media who do not respond to the request to stop shooting.

"To capture the necessary video, we had to go to the other side of the street, but the guard of the "Kvartal" closely watched us until we have completed the work," - continued correspondent.

Journalists didn't apply to the law enforcement officers about this case. But the same day they asked passing police patrol about what to do in such situations. Police assured that the shooting in public places is allowed to all, not just journalists, and advised next time feel free to contact patrol police when actions of security guards can be interpreted as interference in journalists' activities.

Photo - Svitlana Rusina next to the "Kvartal" shopping center, Facebook page of Svitlana Rusina

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