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Journalists can't film reconstruction of house for disabled children

22.12.2016, 16:46

December 20, in Chernihiv, representatives of "Ukrsiverbud" construction company inhibited journalists from filming at the site of the fire. Journalists told about it to IMI representative in Chernihiv region. 

Journalists of information portal "Cheline", Yuri Mikhul and Dmytro Dryhanov were working on the story of outbreak of fire at the Regional Rehabilitation Center "Renaissance". The building is under reconstruction at the moment. About 70 people were inside the building at the beginning of fire. Rescuers called earlier version of fire cause: the violation of fire safety regulations during construction work by organization.

According to Yuri Mikhul, journalists tried to film scorched room, when technical director of SE "UkrSiverBud", the company in charge of reconstruction, Vladimir Sakhnenko forbade them filming and tried to obscure lens camera. After director of the company called for his workers, they showed journalists the way. According to campaign representatives, danger the journalists were facing while being at the construction site justifies actions of workers.



Journalists said that equipment hadn't broken during the incident, so they are not planning to contact police.

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