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Journalists and writers call President to support Ukrainian edition of Euronews

10.01.2017, 12:41

Representatives of Ukrainian cultural, scientific and media communities, addressed to the President of Ukraine, Prime Minister and Speaker in relation to situation around the Ukrainian edition of Euronews channel, reports referring to "Hromadske".
"Ukrainian edition is the one of 13 language services and one of the few voices of our country in Europe. Right now, Ukrainian office is on the verge of closing in the coming weeks. The managers of the channel made a decision to stop broadcasting in Ukrainian because of lack of funding and debts of the National Television Company of Ukraine.

"Mr. President, we urge you to quickly intervene and assist in the preservation of the Ukrainian version of Euronews", - petition states.
The signatories stressed on the importance of preserving the Ukrainian edition of Euronews, especially in circumstances where pro-Russian propaganda increases in Europe, with the active support of Moscow.

"The liquidation of the Ukrainian language service of Euronews channel come together with the expansion of the Russian edition of the channel, granted by Moscow financing. In the context of the current geopolitical confrontation, we consider the loss of Ukrainian voice on Euronews as unacceptable and unfair", - appeal claims.

"We underscore the importance of Ukrainian service for European TV viewers. The european audience got a chance to know better not only the political and economic life and Russian aggression in Ukraine, but also, cultural and artistic events of our country and Ukrainian history. Recall, how Ukrainian journalists of Euronews reported about the events in Ukraine and recorded interviews with prominent figures of the country, and how Euronews broadcasted them in 13 languages ​​worldwide. Turn attenrion that by an initiative of Ukrainian edition of Euronews, were prepared many live broadcasts and coverage of events in Ukraine which were broadcasted by all language services.

Mr. President, all these possibilities can be irreversibly lost soon. We urge you not to allow this! ", - petition enounces.

The petition was signed by over 50 members of the civic society.


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