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Journalist whose material on visa-free travel made it to Russia Today, says she was deceived

16.06.2017, 20:51

Ukrainian journalist Natalia Trofymova, whose material about the visa-free travel was publish by the Russian propaganda channel Russia Today in a distorted form, says she in fact was asked to make some footage for Reuters. She informed “Ukrainska pravda” about this.

“I am a freelancer. I do not have any regular customers. Everything is on one-time basis. I am an IDP. Since 2014, I have to leave away from my home area due to my pro-Ukrainian standing. I lived in Dnipro for two years. Last year, I moved to Lviv. Due to my lack of knowledge of the local region, they did not even want to hire me in the information agency”, she said.

 “The call in question was just a usual one. It was not from the Russian TV, it was from a production center, and agency, and its representative Iryna Kamysheva (from Crimea, company Video Idea Production - editor's note.). She said Reuters needs a video made”, she said.

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