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Journalist Volodymyr Tyshchenko, who documented "Berkut" officers torturing protesters, put on wanted list by authorities

10.12.2015, 18:57

The police put on the wanted list the journalist and activist Volodymyr Tyshchenko, as a suspect in crime described in part 1, article 279 (Blocking transport communications) of the Criminal code of Ukraine, MediaSapiens reports.

As the head of communication department of the Chief Administration of the National Police in Kyiv informed, the notification on suspicion in this crime was sent to Tyshchenko by mail in the beginning of September, 2015. As he did not visit the investigator on request to be interrogated, the court of Darnytskyi district of Kyiv city allowed detaining Tyshchenko and bringing him to the court for selecting a restraining measure for him.

The case in question relates to protests against an illegal development area (construction of trade center) near metro station "Osokorky" on May 19, when 400 activists blocked traffic at the Bazhana Avenue as a protest against the illegal construction. Hired thugs wearing masks attacked the activists, and police was covering them up. The activists finally achieved cancellation of the construction in the area, yet police still harasses  the activists' leaders for the protests, while the crimes of thugs are not investigated. This information was revealed by Ihor Truba, an activist.

   Volodymyr Tyshchenko, who also was the one reporting the tortures of Euromaidan activists by "Berkut" special unit members  during Euromaidan (he was injured on January 19 by a police flash-and-bang grenade during the clashes), claims that he did not know anything about the accusations against him. He considers the whole case an act of revenge of the police administration against him as an activist.   

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