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Journalist says the authorities threatened to revoke his accreditation for filming bags with dead bodies in Kryvyi Rih

13.06.2023, 17:37
Photo: Dnipropetrovska RMA
Photo: Dnipropetrovska RMA

In Kryvyi Rih (Dnipropetrovska oblast), reporters who arrived to work on the ground after a rocket strike on a high-rise building were threatened by a woman who presumably works in public relations at the regional military administration and told them their accreditation would be revoked for taking pictures of the black bags with the victims' bodies.

Freelancer photojournalist Stas Kozlyuk spoke to IMI about this.

According to him, the woman assured them that if the media wanted to take pictures of the black bags with the bodies of the dead, they would have to obtain a filming permission from the dead people's families.

In their turn, the media workers said that they were not violating anything, but had come to document Russia's crimes and would not be filming the bodies of the dead or making unethical close-ups of their faces.

"The bodies of those killed by Russia were lying under the covers, it was impossible to identify them," stressed Stanislav Kozlyuk.

Also, according to the photojournalist, the police arrived on the scene and he did talk to them, but the law enforcers did not forbid him to work.

However, three other journalists emphasized in their comments to the IMI representative in Dnipropetrovska oblast that it was the police who prohibited them to film the bags with dead bodies.

In her comment to the IMI representative in Dnipropetrovska oblast, the head of the media and public relations department of Dnipro RMA, Arzu Vasylyshyna, explained: "When the representatives of the Dnipro RMA and filming crews of other channels approached the place of the strike, the person from RMA saw the law enforcers reprimanding some media worker for filming. But the journalists did nto stop, so our representative said, we were all colleagues, let's listen to the recommendations of the law enforcers."

Arzu Vasylyshyna did not disclose he name of the RMA representative who addressed the journalists.

On June 13, 2023, a Russian attack, killed 10 people and injured 28 more in in Kryvyi Rih; one person is under the rubble.

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