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Journalist of ZIK could not get in at military medical commission in Kyiv

26.02.2019, 18:13
Danylo Yakovlev, journalist for the program “Paths of war” at the TV channel ZIK, who gathered material for his program, was beaten and could not get in the Central military medical commission of the Ministry of defense in Kyiv, as Yakovlev told. This incident happened on February 26th, when the journalist came to the hospital unit accompanied with a soldier who had been injured during a military combat at Donbas. “Together with an injured soldier who lost his heel at war we came to the Central military medical commission with the aim he could show us how difficult for him was to get to the hospital walking on crutches,to show us that building. We were intended to enter it without camera in order he could show us the room where they tried to exact money from him previsouly, with the aim we could film it afterwards and not to get wrong”. Yakovlev told some person barred the entry to them. The journalist and the injured soldier were waiting for half an hour outside in a cold weather. There had been no bench. Afterwards, a man came and assaulted the journalist, he pushed Yakovlev off the entry door, smashed him in his arm and leg, trying to make him to quit hold of the door.
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