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Journalist of "Prestupnosti.Net" who was threatened by executive committee guard, appealed against close-down of case

04.09.2015, 18:29

Journalist of “Prestupnosti.NET” Andriy Lokhmatov appealed against the decree of the local city police administration in Mykolaiv city on closing down the criminal case for obstruction to lawful journalist activities of Lokhmatov and his colleague Anatoliy Chubachenko, by Oleksander Kiryanov.


The case pertains to a drunk driver who tried to attack journalists who were making the video record of him. Police and the prosecutor's office tried to close the case down several times, and then the court would open it up again based on the journalist's appeal. Later, another police investigator would start to investigate the case and closes it down again. It was the third time that police tried to close down the case.  

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