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Journalist of "Bukovyna" said he was fire for sync with Burbak. National Public Television company of Ukraine claims he resigned voluntarily

10.04.2018, 20:39
Journalist of TV channel “Bukovyna” (Chernivtso branch of National Public Television Company of Ukraine) Petro Holopapa lost his position for sync in the story on MP Maksym Burbak. According to Petro Holopapa, this was the decision of Editorial Council in Kyiv approved due to the story where sync of MP Maksym Burbak was used, reports. “Formally, I just quit voluntarily, there is a signed document on this stating it was consent of the parties. But in reality, the decision was made after from Kyiv they sent an instruction to fire me. I was producing story about Zastvna unified territorial community. There were meetings, sessions, quarrels there… In addition to other parties, I recorded the commentary by Burbak (politician who is MP from district No.204, which includes Zastavna – author). And they (the editorial council – author) expressed their complaints about this sync – they say, it was a commissioned story, I am just producing PR for Burbak”, Holopapa commented. Petro Holopapa explained to “Detector media”, that all syncs for the story were recorded by him personally. “Our microphone with the logo is simply not visible. We were taking footage together with that TV company. And we have very poor equipment, with very short cord from camera … there are witnesses, and even that other TV company can confirm”, the journalist explained. He also said that he filed a resignation application because he knew that "there was an instruction from Kyiv" - to avoid public and dishonorable dismissal. The local administration of the channel, according to the journalist, did not want to fire him, but "was reminded by Kyiv". General producer of information broadcasting of the National Public Television company Vladyslav Hruzynskyi informed “Detector media”, that the journalist violated all news standards described in “Basics of editorial policy of information editorial offices of National Public Television company of Ukraine”, and also added that the journalist resigned on his own will. In particular, he mentioned that the footage included microphone with "TVA" logo instead the company's footage, and also said the interview was not separating facts from opinions, was not balanced or accurate, etc.
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