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Journalist of “1+1” claimed that Zelensky's press service impeded media in Turkey

12.08.2019, 13:30
Photo credit: Facebook
Nelly Kowalska, journalist of “1+1” TV channel, has complained about the behavior of the president Zelensky’s press service staff toward the press during his visit to Turkey. On August 8, she Nelly Kowalska about it on her Facebook page, as “Detektor Media” reported. According to Kovalska, the employees of the Office of the President demanded the journalists to leave and then they impeded their work. She cited press service officer saying to the journalists: "Now, just don't shout anything, the president won't talk to you anyway," "I told you to leave 20 minutes ago, why are you still here ?!" IMI reported, on August 8 in Istanbul, a security guard blocked a journalist of “Russia” TV channel who was going to ask question to Volodymyr Zelensky. The incident occurred during the meeting of the President of Ukraine with Patriarch Bartholomew. As the press service of the Patriarchate explained, the reason for such actions could be any actions of the journalist, which the security considered as incorrect.
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