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Journalist Nazimov arrested in Crimea claims physical violence

29.07.2017, 20:15
Another journalist arrested in Crimea, editor of Alushta-based newspaper «Tvoia Gazeta» Oleksiy Nazimov claims he was subjected to physical violence by Russian law enforcement agencies in Crimea. This was the information about the events of July 19 that Nazimov provided next day to Krym.Realii through his relatives. «After I repeatedly demanded to stop torturing me and give me food, in the courtroom cage, where I was being familiarized with the materials of the case, two escort guards rushed in, put an armlock on me, pushed me to the bench, then dragged outside the cage and threw face down on the floor. They sat on my back for about 10 minutes. At the moment, the court secretary entered and asked whether I was going to keep reading the materials of the case. I was pushed against the floor and short for breath and failed to answer, so the secretary left», Nazimov shared. Later, on their way to the prison truck the escort guards punched the journalist several more times.  They held him handcuffed in the truck for 6 hours before finally delivering him to Simferopol pre-trial detention center. The doctor the journalist summoned to record the damages did not notice the bruises or traces from the handcuffs. The doctor also ignored his complaints about strong headache and pains in his arms and all over his body. The pre-trial detention center did not allow to take him to hospital. Representatives of Russian law enforcement agencies in Crimea gave no comment on this. Oleksiy Nazimov was detained on October 4, 2016, under the suspicion of extortion. According to the investigation, Oleksiy Nazimov demanded money from representatives of Alushta branch of the Russian party «Yedinaia Rossia» for non-disclosure of the information that would disgrace its members.
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